1920, Gnoll Senior Boys' School, Form IIa. S.McNeil, W.E.Price, W.Davies, C.Thomas, F.Rees, E.P.Lewis. Group Pictures which have names attached are shown with *. The town was part of the Briton Ferry Estate,[9] whose lands belonged to Margam Abbey before they passed on, in turn, to the Mansel, Villiers, and Vernon families (Earls of Jersey). Draper & Grocer], [Samuel's] An old established ironmongery business in Queen St. [undated], Site of the Present Post Office [undated]. Bowen's Arms Hotel before road widening, Unveiling the War Memorial in Briton Ferry. Mr. Lewis. Send a personal message with a photo to anyone, anywhere. A consortium of steel and tinplate producers consolidated all tinplate mills to create the Steel Company of Wales in 1947. Rev Seth Joshua. Terms & Conditions of Use [undated], Harrett's Ironmonger's shop as it originally was. 1897, Looking from the Square to New St. [Neath], Festival of Britain celebrations, Ritson St., Briton Ferry, 1951, Gnoll House with Greenway House [drawing], The new reservoir of Moss House, Opening ceremony 1897, [Memorial plaque to] Alfred Russell Wallace, Jersey Marine seaside resort in 1860, showing the camera obscura tower, The Melincourt Waterfall from an old etching, [Painting of] Sgwd Gwladys by Samuel Jackson, Brynglas (Gilbertson House), Tynyrheol, Bryncoch, 1957, A Welsh longhouse - Coed-y-Glyn Farmhouse, Crynant, Rheola House. Hasquencort's Gent's Hairdresser's Shop at New St., [undated], Horse Tram near the Grandison, Briton Ferry. During the war it had an air raid siren on its roof for the town of Briton Ferry. Simply click on the relevant illustration for further details. Queen Victoria's jubilee, Send a personal message with a photo to anyone, anywhere. Captain Dr. T.P.Whittington. It was the first cinema in the district to show the film 'Gone With The Wind' which was made in 1939. More. Discussion. Jack Williams Join group. The Public Hall, Briton Ferry, showed silent films when they first came out. In 1860 Frith began supplying photos to retailers. Fear Davies with her Bile class at Ty Gwyn c1900, Rehoboth Chapel Choir, Briton Ferry in 1901, Harvest Festival at the Forward Mission Hall [undated] incl. [8] As a participant in the Swansea Bay City Deal, Neath-Port Talbot Council aims for a share in the project to future-proof at least 10,300 properties over five years by making low carbon, energy-efficient homes, with 7,000 retro-fitted to existing houses and 3,300 newly built.[18][17]. As early as the 1660s, primitive forges existed at Briton Ferry, later using local coal from small pits such as Price's Drift, but Briton Ferry's marine location stimulated its industrial development. G.Hayward, W.David, F.Hayward, L.Roberts, 7.1K members. C.O.Williams, W.Kingdon Owen, A.Pike, E.J.Morris. 1913. Fear Davies, Mrs. [undated], SS Main, cargo ship of the Main Colliery Co. [undated], The Mill, Efail Fach, Pontrhydyfen. On receipt of your enquiry our archivist will check the scan and advise you if the quality is good enough. D.Maddocks, H.L.Miles, D.G.Jones, E.Phillips, Mr. Chegwidden, E.C.Roberts, Entrance to Gnoll Grounds, Mediaeval [grinding] mortar discovered in Church Place, 1979. Thomas, A civic gathering. J.H.P.Waring, A.E.I.Curtis, E.J.Hopes, J.B.Williams, H.W.Rice Evans, W.K.Owen, Available for both RF and RM licensing. They were built on land close to the River Neath and the South Wales Railway built by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Mayor and Mayoress R. Francis. The industrial development attracted other railways, including the Neath and Brecon Railway, the Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway, and the South Wales Mineral Railway[10] with its cable-powered incline. Ball, Dill thomas, Thomas Davies, Harry Field, D.L. Thanks to Graham Giddings for the photos. BRITON-FERRY, a village and a parish in Neath district, Glamorgan. Show more 40 photos . it has not been shown on our website before as it has not been optimised and therefore may not meet the quality standards we require for use in our normal product range. early 1920s incl. Briton Ferry had its Urban District Council from 1895 to 1922, when it formed part of Aberavon Parliamentary Constituency. Website hand-made by Frith, since 1998. 15 million has been invested in a solar energy farm on the park. 1930. Mrs. David Bevan, Miss Mary Bevan. All our photos are printed as optimised versions of their originals, this process can take anything from 15 minutes to several hours. [26] His constituency office was at Chequers in Briton Ferry. Alamy and its logo are trademarks of Alamy Ltd. and are registered in certain countries. Used for Bingo until September 2009 but Here rope-hauled coal wagons delivered coal from Glyncorrwg to Briton Ferry dock. [23] In Jersey Marine, Amazon opened its 74,000m2 (800,000sqft)[22] distribution warehouse in 2008.[24]. Rees, The Mayor of Neath, M.G.Roberts, William Jenkins, Miss Mills (The Download this free history of the Collection. This situation, along with a further decline in demand for its products, gradually reduced the size of the plant, and in 2004 it closed entirely. Frank John, Henry Davies, John John, George Brown, Thomas Hughes, Fred Copyright 01/05/2023 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. 'Saturday Morning'. [9] When it opened in 1861, the dock consisted of an outer tidal basin which had round-ended jetties at its mouth and quays along its sides and an inner floating dock of 5.3 hectares, enclosed by masonry walls and sandstone. Photos of Baglan & Briton Ferry. for our site. The body of the Rev. [undated], Aberdulais from the station. [undated], Bush Sports, and Allin's provision merchants. quoting the Frith negative number,(s) the town name and size of print you would like to buy. since 1860. Briton Ferry has junction J42, which is 184 miles (296km) from the motorway's eastern end and 15mi (24km) from its western at Pont Abraham. Available for both RF and RM licensing. Today, the Town Council consists of twelve members and meets monthly in the Council Chamber at the Community Resource Centre, the community-managed library. Reference Prints: Re: Drop-in MMR clinics are being held at four hospitals in Swansea,UK and Neath Port Talbot, as the death of man linked to the measles outbreak is investigated. The 7th Earl of Jersey. The company went bankrupt and the Great Western Railway took over the docks[9] until they were closed in 1959. [undated]. Discussion. We will replace these with better copies IF any are sent to us. 1901. incl. A well known grocers established in the 1930s [undated], The Old Post Office. The second road crossing was completed in 1994 to carry the London to Wales M4 motorway across the River Neath to supersede the A48. Gethin, Joseph Branch, E.C.Hutchingsons, James Lord, Dan Williams. Location 4.2. 1896, Welcoming home the troops, Glynneath, 1918, Wellfield Place, Glynneath, before The Great War, Skewen. Hasquencort`s Hairdressers,Neath,264, Explosives Works,Curtis & Harvey,Pontneddfechan,152, Group,"Zulu Warrior" revellers(1926),Glynneath,237, Group,Albion Steel Workers Outing,B.Ferry,203, Group,Builders at Mission Hall,Resolven,256, Group,County School Staff(1936),Neath,137, Group,Dalton Made Freeman(1946),Neath,181, Group,Female Bible Class At Ty Gwyn,Neath,243, Group,Glamorgan Councillors(1899),Neath,179, Group,Hospitalised Servicemen,Glynneath,183, Group,Male Bible Class At Ty Gwyn,Neath,242, Group,Market Stallholders(1934),Neath,182, Group,Powderworks Staff,Pontneddfechan,158, Group*,Hospital Infirmary Opening,Penrhiwtyn,177, Group*,R.F.C.Inter.School(1932),Neath,228, Group*,St.David`s Cricket(1912),Neath,261, Group*,Taylor Struve Outing(1881),Neath,173, Loco,Neath Abbey Works(1850`s),Neath Abbey,187, Mechanics Institute,Church Place,Neath,77, Public House,Farmer`s arms,Melincryddan,282, Public House,Old Lamb & Flag,Glynneath,281, Public House,The Ancient Briton,Neath,277, Public House,Working Men`s Club,Neath,288, Shop,India & China Tea Store,Glynneath,272, Tram,Horsedrawn Near Grandison,B.Ferry,205, View,Opening of Swansea & Neath railway,Neath Abbey,190, Davies,Rev Eirug,Llanbedr-Pont-Steffan,25, Firemen,Dyffryn Mansion(1932),Bryncoch,353, Firemen,Dyffryn Mansion(1932),Bryncoch,354, Group,Boy`s Fishing(Leather House),Neath,308, Group,Coedffranc Infants(1900),Skewen,149, Group,Colliery Officials(1907),Seven Sisters,210, Group,Festival of Britain(Allister St.),Neath,273, Group,Festival Of Britain(New Henry St.),Neath,277, Group,Forward Movement Chapel Cricket,Neath,305, Group,Girls County School Visit(1938),Neath,156, Group,Girls County School(1940),Neath,157, Group,Grocer`s Association(1951),Neath,343, Group,Ladies Race(Hawthorn Ave.),Neath,275, Group,Neath Inter. against combined Neath & Cadoxton teams 22 players. Copyright 01/05/2023 Alamy Ltd. All rights reserved. 1902 incl. The Welsh name may indicate that the church, llan, is protected from the wind, awel. the Orchard Welsh Premier Women's League match between Briton Ferry Llansawel Ladies and Aberystwyth Town Ladies at the Old Road Welfare Ground in Briton Ferry, Wales, UK on 25, April 2021. Credit: Duncan Thomas/Majestic . Aug 8, 2020. Briton Ferry (Welsh: Llansawel) is a town and community in the county borough of Neath Port Talbot, Wales. H.Habberly Price, A forced landing by an aeroplane causes excitement in Glynneath. those pioneering days we have evolved sophisticated and those pioneering days we have evolved sophisticated and A History of Neath from earliest times. George Eaton 1987; Pub. Some may have also been hand coloured in the traditional style, bringing an old scene back to life with even more realism. . Search with an image file or link to find similar images, Search for stock images, vectors and videos. . photo of Briton Ferry. 1850, Archie Rees, chauffeur to Mrs.Moore-Gwyn. Mayor D.G.Davies, First town council of the extended borough at Gnoll, 14 July 1923. M.G.Roberts, Miss E.Roberts, J.Davies, F.W.Gibbins, G.Gethin, P.Stephens, A group of soldiers from Briton Ferry photographed in Egypt in 1916, Workers in Rheola Forest in the late 1930s, Neath Harbour high water inspection, 27 Aug 1934, Visit by the Arch. memories of Briton Ferry. The Old Road Ground,Briton Ferry looking splendid in the autumn sun after some outstanding work by Stuart Williams in readiness for the 2021/2022 season. quoting the Frith negative number,(s) the town name and size of print you would like to buy. [undated], Staff of the gunpowder works of Curtis's & Henry, Pontneddfechan [undated], The old tinplate works at the Melin [undated], [Picture of Old Wooden bridge, but caption on William Weston Young and Meredith, Dai Harris, William Payne, Jack Morris, D.W.Prosser, Fred Michael, Welcome to Tree Tops, a small homely family-run guest house conveniently situated on the A474 at Briton Ferry 1.5Miles from the M4 (London-South Wales) motorway off junction 41 and within 5 minute drive of the old market town of Neath, and 15 minutes drive from . Old Road Stats. Find the perfect briton stock photo, image, vector, illustration or 360 image. Goalkeeper Courtney Young of Briton Ferry Llansawel Ladies claims the ball from a corner during the Orchard Welsh Premier Women's League match between Briton Ferry Llansawel Ladies and Aberystwyth Town Ladies at the Old Road Welfare Ground in Briton Ferry, Wales, UK on 25, April 2021. [undated], The last horse drawn refuse cart leaves on the last round. Keep, E.J.Rees. Events. the National Eisteddfod at Llanelli. Mrs A. Forsdike, Mrs. Gwladys Jones, Mrs. Myfanwy Jones, E.L.Hare, Cook H.F.Taylor, Mrs. Thornton, Mrs. William Davies, Mrs. Richard Davies with Alfred Russell Wallace lodged here [unidentified farmhouse] during his On receipt of your enquiry our archivist will check the scan and advise you if the quality is good enough. this site is for everyone to share some photo's and knowledge of briton ferry and neath old and new, and see how many people on facebook from this. You will then see a range of products available for this image alongside the larger print, where you have several options: Prints: Register to find out more and create your first album! Find the right content for your market. William Squires. Stds VI and VII. Frank Joshua lying in the Forward Mission Hall. J.Sharples, L.Venables, Skewen Wesleyan Cricket club c1905. [14] The outer basin has potential use by fishing boats and yachts. Mr.Lawrence, A works outing [in a charabanc] in the 1920s, Thomas Hornor painting of Neath from the West River Bank.

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