by Paul Skeldon. Now let's talk about reviews. From a hot pink suit worn by the singer herself for 410 to the cheapest item she currently has for sale being a Bon-Bleu top for 23.80, theres something for all budgets on her shop. And it gives potential buyers a better idea of how it fits. Why is it hard for athletes to come out as gay? Check them out, below. by Hannah Jackson Aug. 25, 2021 Gen Z has been. A steamer really helps the wrinkles and you can use it at home too. The skirt was definitely smaller than 26 though. There are frequently miscommunications with sizing on Depop. Today we are talking to Hazel, a super seller on Depop. This is the most successful style of photography on Depop. I talk about the best way to attract customers, through pricing, . Refreshing listings updates the listed time of an item to the current time. Using irrelevant keywords can be very frustrating for buyers and will also lead to a rise in the number of disputes. That is if your Paypal account is in all order. Actually it is quite simple, just follow as many people as possible because they will follow you back. Featuring up-and-comers and established favourites including Chanel, Fendi, Jenny Packham, Roland Mouret. Offering cyberpunk dresses to angel core tops, this shop will allow you to discover pieces that you didn't know existed. To help you on your journey towards resale shopping, we asked five Depop sellers for their insider tips for buying and selling online Daviess appreciation for clothes is in her DNA. FRONT ROW offer a rental period of five days, however this can be tailored to your needs. Opt into Depop emails to stay on top of whats seasonal and on the up and up. Students deserve more time off, respective holiday breaks, Point Park softball enters a three game skid while on the road against RSC opponents, The Rink Report: Penguins miss Playoffs for first time in 17 years. Gorillaz releases shorter, mellower new album 88 Views, Interim president Chris Brussalis holds listening sessions and details strategic plan for university 63 Views, Playhouse accident causes cancellation of second half of Newsies show run 59 Views, Debate for next Allegheny County Executive held at Carnegie Mellon University 52 Views, At Back to the Foodture on 5th, the service is so slow they need an actual time machine 35 Views, Judging Java: Downtown Coffee Shops Ranked, The life and legacy of disability rights activist Judy Heumann, Black Student Union leaders kickstart new student duo bakery with free samples, Stories Like Me actively works to create a safe reading space for children, The Globes editorial staff reflects on McDonalds memories amid shutdown announcement, Opinions columnist Jason Riley details career journey, Point Park University's Student-Run Newspaper, Your email address will not be published. they'll know she/he is the best and the store is trusted by Depop and customers. We know that there's a lot here, but you could always start with one or two of them. The customer will then have to rate you or you must wait 3 full days to get your fund. China Goldmine: With over 25,000 followers and 800 reviews, China Goldmine is a China-based shop that sells a variety of unique clothing. We define counterfeit as a copy of an existing item madewith the intent of tricking someone into believing the fake item is the same as the real item. Trainers with a fake Balenciaga logo that werent made by Balenciaga, for example, would fall within this definition. This shop features edgy vintage clothing, jewelry and shoes mostly from the grungy era of the 90s. The Ganni x Depop collaboration teamed up with six designers and artists, including musician and NYLON It Girl Griff, all of whom reworked the classic collar. It really hit home that people look at a piece of clothing and go, Im tired of that now. The shop doesnt just feature clothing; it features mall-goth accessories, a chiffon scarf, chunky necklaces, and so much more. Pinkbunny1011: Pinkbunny1101 is another Los Angeles-based shop that has over 23,000 followers and more than 700 items sold. Depops shipping price goes by the weight of your item, instead of flat (and high!) While Griffs GANNI x Depop collar was already sold to benefit the charity War Child, each of the remaining artists stylish reworks are available on their personal Depop accounts: @kezmadeit, @shirleytang_, @mulcare, @rosvae, and @jammy_spoon. ), Shipping price and time (Free shipping on bundles? A self-described Depop OG (she opened her shop in 2015, rebranding it Archive Six as her taste evolved from hype streetwear to high-end vintage), Kaha has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. When you're taking photos, try to use consistent poses, backdrops, and lighting. While anyone in the United States can enjoy Miaous sexy corsets, psychedelic prints, and summery dresses, the trend-inspired shop unfortunately doesnt ship internationally. 24-year-old Asal Tehrani, who runs clothing brand Susamusa on Depop, said that. r/Depop Took some ppls advice and created a tiktok for my shop. Lots of people don't check their Depop feed regularly. You can post your shop policies such as Price firm or No trading but there will always be those that ignore instructions. Case study 1: From University to Career. The UK's first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform. The business itself is expanding and now has offices in Milan, New York City, and Manchester. More photos can show more information about your items and give potential buyers a better idea of what they are about to buy. Most listings are posted with a fun and colorful background showcasing the brightly colored items. Depop, for its part, has been working tirelessly to bring new and innovative partnerships to life, tapping into every corner of the fashion industry. As for the brands who join Depop, these businesses arent only expanding their pool of buyers but are also participating in more ethical practices, as well: Many sell samples and prototypes for a discounted price, while some have chosen to use the platform to sell vintage or archive items, and others partner with Depop to ensure that their extra stock of clothing is granted a life beyond the landfill. If you want to make more money on Depop, you need more followers. 33Vtg has 2,930 reviews and most have left five-star reviews for the shop. For example: Many sellers will post a "special item" to show their shop policies. This will not only increase the chances of giving you a good review, but also increase the chances of shopping at your store next time. From reality stars to models and actors, there is a never-ending list of items which are either brand new or have been worn by the stars themselves up for grabs for savvy shoppers. Relist doesnt have to mean listing from scratch. Buyers and sellers live around the world. It makes sense that on-trend items are the ones most in-demand - everyone is looking for them. If you are reported using stock photos, Depop will remove your item. Within the above three categories, there are plenty of subcategories of items you can list on the app. The screenshot below is a good template, and the description can be clearly divided into 4 parts: Of course, you could add more parts to this template. The burlesque icon is a frequent user of Depop and has sold everything from furniture to used tights on the site. If you're thinking of shooting outdoors, you could learn a few things from them. It doesn't matter what the extra surprise is. - Will it make money? This allows customers to get familiar with your store and style. So choose your stock with this in mind. I feel more comfortable in flared trousers and dagger collars; I connect with the politics of that time. But shes also heavily influenced by Y2K (late-90s to mid-2000s), hence the mix in her shop, Sooki Sooki Vintage (her handle on Depop is @judaku). This app is especially popular in countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and of course, the United States. Access to prioritised help from Depop community support team. But don't worry, How To Pack & Ship An Xbox (With Pictures). It didnt align with my personal ethics, being in a fast-fashion environment., Thats when she pivoted to Depop, turning her shop, Pascale Eliza, into a full-time career. such as no returns, no refunds, only US/UK shipping, free shipping on bundles, etc. Unlike brands that are reselling previously loved items, Copenhagens Ganni partnered with Depop to repurpose deadstock fabric into its signature Peter Pan collar. Shopping vintage or restyled or small-batch handcrafted, youre not going to be bumping into somebody with the same top on, says Bennett. Right now, Miss Sixty and Ed Hardy are very popular. When looking at the page in the past few weeks, the colors of the items are mostly dark tones such asfeaturing an olive-green cardigan, a black velvet leotard and a brown lace blouse. With vintage pieces ranging from a red snake-skin vinyl jacket from the 90s to prairie core ankle-length skirts, this shop brings a sense of nostalgia and great fashion for all. Regularly listing new items can also lead potential buyers to your store, so that your old items will also get exposure and may be purchased. The savvy star has listed loads of her pre-loved clothes on the side, with many items coming in at less than 20, and currently has everything sold out. Depop is no different despite only allowing 4 photos. Make sure that the person you are planning to trade with is legit. Our community are curators of the kinds of fashion, accessories, art, books, records and trainers that you cant find anywhere else. Describe what you are not able to capture in photos. Final Tips On Best Things To Sell On Depop. more than 40% of secondhand shoppers worldwide, Celebrities are getting in on the action, too, selling pieces from their own closets, listing pieces from Rodartes cult-favorite Radarte collection, Anna Suis page is one of the most expansive. Social selling is the process of marketing your resale items in an Instagram-able fashion. Nowadays, she applies the same ingenuity to sourcing her stock, often swerving charity shops, which tend to be plundered (I live in Hackney, everyone is too savvy!), in favour of tried-and-tested suppliers and dogmatic googling. 1. It's insane how popular the brand is globally. We used Debob to mass follow 7,501 users for this new account and then left it alone. Fans of Winnie can rock items from her enviable closet, with the model listing a range of jeans, jumpers and dresses she has collected. On eBay, Ive got 200 different searches saved and it sends you a notification when new things come up. Your email address will not be published. Doing this will bring your post to be recent. Here's a list of the top five underground and unique Depop shops with the best reviews. Weve put together a list that breaks down several different types of items you can sell on Depop. SGA holds final events of the semester and prepares for next year, Former WQED producer hosts live podcast event. This means that its worth thinking about what sells well at different times of the year and stocking your shop accordingly. - Quality of the item: Make sure it is excellent quality, no stains, marks, rips, tears or fading., - Brand: I make sure the label is either from a known vintage brand, or on the higher end., - Trendiness: I research clothing categories or specific trends that are popular, or have been for a long time, so I know the item has a good chance of selling quickly!, - The love factor: I sell clothes which I personally love. While one advantage of Depop is not constantly having to share your closet, your post can get stale. But also remember to consider events and holidays - like music festivals or Halloween - that can drive demand for certain kinds of items, too. Sam tells us about how he made the change and moved his business up. One of her grandmothers trained models, the other was a dressmaker. Depop, which allows members to set up online shops and buy and sell clothes, offers tens of millions of items at a relatively low price point and every niche you can imagine, whether you're into . Additionally, users can utilizeuse the search feature to find clothing from certain brands, browse through categories or find specific pieces using key words. Make sure you use all 5 hashtags to maximize your chances of showing up in search results when people search for products using hashtags. Burberry just wouldnt produce a product like that.. Depop. We've written a blog on this topic to explain how to get Depop followers fast. Maisie isnt a regular user of Depop but she did create an account to help raise money for charity, with proceeds going to Cancer Research UK and Dolphin Project. Best Small Business Ideas For Women In 2023, Use high-quality photos that highlight your artwork clearly, Be clear with descriptions regarding size/dimensions and price points, Provide detailed shipping information so customers know what theyre buying into when purchasing your items. Of course, even if you do this, potential buyers may still send you a direct message. However, we would recommend you to do that because the potential buyers are more likely to be connected with you and want to buy your items if they know what you look like. As stated in the previous section: Yes, reviews may be more important than you think! Purchasing reworked thrifted items allows for one-of-a-kind pieces to be highlighted in your wardrobe and gives clothes a second life. Coming out of the UK in 2011, this clothing-centric marketplace now boasts 15 million registered users globally and 5 million in the US alone . The more relevant keywords in your description, the more likely your item will hit users' searches. However, the most effective one is definitely Instagram. if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[300,250],'fulfilledmerchant_com-leader-2','ezslot_20',131,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-fulfilledmerchant_com-leader-2-0'); What you need to know about selling on Depop and other e-commerce platforms is that it can be a side hustle for you. The main difference between selling on Depop vs Mercari is the user base. Whether youre looking to grab some designer shoes from Emily Ratajkowski or a sofa from Katie Price, heres whos selling on Depop. Once you're clear on the purpose of your product description, you'll know how to optimize it. Rowi: Natural lighting, a clean white background and styling the pieces with cute accessories - boots, shades, and bags to bring the whole look to life. Items cost between 15 for a 4 day loan and 80 for a 12 day period, with the option to extend. First, for potential buyers, you want to describe your item as comprehensively as possible, including but not limited to the following information: Put some effort to make your description more interesting and personal. As a kid, Id stay at my grandmas while my mum was at work. 1. Weve found that the best things to sell can change with the weather and the calendar. Will be shopping here some more! Made In Chelseas Georgia Toffolo has been fairly quiet on her Depop of late, but fans have been able to get some bargains in the past. Want to be in the know on what kind of items buyers are eyeing? The 31-year-old designer, known for his eye-catching prints and red-carpet-ready looks, isnt too far out of Depops target demographic, so his presence on the app shouldnt come as a huge surprise. The pieces featured on Pinkbubby1011s page replicate those of the y2k era with party outfits, lingerie sets, and other accessorizing pieces like handbags and jewelry. If you are not wearing or using items in your closet or home, listing it will give them a chance to go to someone else. A pair of Ditas stockings, which may or may not have rips in them and have been worn by the star, will set a buyer back $98 (70) while pin badges can be bought for just $15.50 (11.10). U.S. Navy veteran-turned-luxury designer Kenneth Nicholson dropped an exclusive military-inspired, gender-neutral collection on Depop in early 2021. So what is trading on Depop? Most reviews include five-star ratings; customers rave over China Goldmine. Posting new items regularly will keep you in your followers' feeds. Seriously throw it back an era or two with vintage tank tops, embroidered baseballs caps, graffiti-print messenger bags and many other must-have style finds. We will go over quirks to know, tips for selling on the platform, and how Depop compares to its competitors like Poshmark and Mercari. The sites feed includes recommended pieces and shops that fit your unique style and the listings posted by shops that you follow. Founded in 2011 by Simon Beckermen, the site was originally a place where readers of PIG magazine could buy products featured in the magazine, but the app was soon re-invented into a global marketplace where anyone can buy and sell items. If you're looking to sell your clothes online and make some extra cash, this video will be super helpful in explaining what kinds of clothes sell best on dep. Shipping is one that can make a big difference in your take-home earnings, especially over the course of selling many items. In fact, there are many Depop top sellers showing their faces in their photos. The Depop Community Instagram is a great place to start when shopping on Depop. Gorillaz releases shorter, mellower new album, Interim president Chris Brussalis holds listening sessions and details strategic plan for university, Playhouse accident causes cancellation of second half of Newsies show run, Debate for next Allegheny County Executive held at Carnegie Mellon University, At Back to the Foodture on 5th, the service is so slow they need an actual time machine. As of May 2020, nearly 56% of users were between the ages of 10 and 19, with another 38% between 20-29. @avenuevintage is an Australian Top Seller who has gone from selling secondhand as a hobby during university to working full-time as a Depop seller. And lets not forget that pre-loved clothing can also be eye-opening in terms of pinpointing your forever style, a sure-fire way to ensure wardrobe longevity. This lets customers know you're a trusted seller. You will get your payment in Paypal as soon as the customer purchases your item on Depop. But make sure when you're available, answer their questions as quickly as you can. Montgomery, Barback, Jennings, and Tabb all use this specific style of clear Scotch packing tape, which Montgomery notes has the added benefit of being water-resistant enough to stop any leaks.. As this article states: You don't have to show your face in your photos if this makes you feel uncomfortable. Instead, you just need to fill the template with specific content. In the age of using instant messengers, this lag is inconvenient. This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Would 100% shop here again said user haedusi. Relisting an item means to use the meta information (including photos) of the item to create a brand new listing (and delete the old one). Obsessed with sets, she recently struck gold when searching for trousers to match a Versace shirt. Especially with different time zones if your potential buyer is across the country or across the world.if(typeof ez_ad_units != 'undefined'){ez_ad_units.push([[728,90],'fulfilledmerchant_com-medrectangle-3','ezslot_3',119,'0','0'])};__ez_fad_position('div-gpt-ad-fulfilledmerchant_com-medrectangle-3-0'); Another lag that Depops app has is when you are listing or moving posts around. 2. They'll definitely remember your brand after seeing the same pattern over and over again! . However, the vast majority of Depop sellers don't really take it seriously. Then you could sell each item at a higher price on Depop. You can upload up to 4 photos for each item on Depop. First, it shows your item in greater detail to potential buyers to increase the chances of selling. Buy less, buy better, rent it out. Clothes, shoes, earrings, necklaces or other items, please do try them on if you could. If youve got a celebrity story, video or pictures get in touch with team by emailing [email protected], calling 020 3615 2145 or by visiting ourSubmit Stuff page wed love to hear from you. Most people set their items at $1 each. The first thing that Depop needs to drastically improve on is its app. Out of the designer labels officially on Depop, Anna Suis page is one of the most expansive. So far, the marketplace boasts official shops from runway-worthy labels, like Rodarte and Anna Sui, to ultra-accessible outlets, like Vans, and on-the-rise indie designers. However, that advantage is now gone. It's not only an extra surprise for your customers, but also a chance to build your brand. When customers see the blue tick on top of a profile image, Step 4: Tap on 'Connect PayPal'. There are plenty of great items to sell on Depop. Despite the user-experience quirks that could really use improvement, there are several advantages that Depop has over Poshmark. When you hit buy now on Depop, what youre actually doing is supporting a small business-owner. You can also sell select home decor, pet items, and electronics on Poshmark. Not your outfit. Style + Culture, delivered straight to your inbox. Gen Z has been dominating the thrifting game lately, accounting for more than 40% of secondhand shoppers worldwide. With over 80 million community members across the United States, Canada, Australia, and India, Poshmark is a leading social e-commerce marketplace for new and secondhand fashion. DCEY encourages customers to rent, mindfully shop and have access to environmentally sustainable products. What sets Depop apart from many other online marketplaces is that buyers get a rating as well as the sellers. Trading is when you and another Depop user agree to trade an item from each of your closets. It is highly recommended that you upload 4 photos for each item instead of 1 or 2. I'm sharing my most effective tips on how I sold my first item on depop this year, in 2021! The Basics We will be taking a look at two different selling platforms: Etsy and Depop. We hope you got some value out of this article. Note that these 5 keywords can also be used in other paragraphs of the description, and we recommend doing so. Weve put together a list of things to consider when selecting what items to sell, to help you narrow down your inventory and find your Depop shops perfect vibe. There are many tips for taking great photos, and the most important one is to add more light to your photos! If your customers open their package and find an extra surprise inside, they will be impressed with this shopping experience and your store. People are more likely to buy from a store which has lots of followers and reviews, it gives the impression that people love your items and your store is trustworthy! if you respond to them several hours later, they may have already purchased a similar item from another seller who is more responsive. Becoming a successful seller won't happen overnight. Emily: Good imagery, reasonable pricing and make sure you connect with your following. Accepting payments outside of Depop is against Depop's Terms and Conditions. First, you dont constantly have to share your closet like you would on Poshmark. Etsy is buying secondhand fashion app Depop for $1.62 billion in a deal primarily consisting of cash. Its the place where the next generation comes to discover unique items and transform fashion. Your email address will not be published. Hazardous or flammable materials like lighters and paints. Rodarte is one of the more affordable luxury brands on the resale market, with prices ranging from $44 to $77. We experimented with the above hypothesis using a brand new Depop account that had no followers and no products. You definitely want to catch the attention and trust of those potential buyers! Depop is a unique selling platform. Some shops steal designs, upsell clothing or have unethically sourced pieces, so its important to know that youre buying from a good shop with quality products. This shop is praised by its customers with over 400 reviews. Whether you're into sporting Nike, Adidas, Champion or Fila, this Depop shop uses 100% eco-friendly compostable packaging to get these nostalgic finds to your door. Many of them don't even open the Depop app unless they're about to buy something. Depop is a free smartphone app available to sellers in the U.S., UK and around the world. HURR COLLECTIVE is for members to rent and lend their wardrobes, making economic and environmental sense. This is the best way to show off your item. The follow back ratio is 15.3%, for a brand new Depop account without any products! Include measurements if you can. Fortunately, as one of the items that sells best on Poshmark, you can easily make a few dollars from this. We recommend you to take different types of photos to fully show off how your item looks, fits and to show any tags or flaws it may have.

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